Aug 4, 2008

lyrics to go

rock the bells yesterday
the review:
first time at the jones beach theatre- one of the coolest big venues i've been to. the weather was perfect.

the cool kids - first set i watched. KILLED IT. sound was loud and perfect. everyone loved it.

de la soul - good as expected. not blown away or disappointed. they brought out one of the dudes from black sheep and did that one famous song, then they brought out biz markie and he sand just a friend.

raekwon & ghostface - i can take it or leave it. i love them both but the set was boring... lots of shouting, too many people on stage.

mos def - was really good overall... parts dropped off a bit when he started singing. talib came out any they did some black star songs. they also brought out pharoahe monch.

method man & redman - fun time, i dont know any of their songs but they were energetic and fun.

nas - for me the best set of the night. he had a full band and no entourage on stage, just him. sound was perfect played the hits JAY Z came out and everyones brains blew up. hard act to follow.

a tribe called quest - keep in mind that atcq is my favorite hip hop group, and the reason i bought tickets to this. first q tip came out alone. the sound wasnt amazing and he was forgetting some words. a little boring... everyone was waiting for a tribe called quest. the rest of them came out and it got a little better, but there was not much chemistry, q tip was hogging the stage and the sound wasnt very good (lots of squeaky mics). the set was saved momentairily when they brought out busta rhymes which was amazing, but they couldnt come close to the nas set.

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