Jan 26, 2008

till the wheels fall off

amazing amazing amazing. static radio got to play with hot water music this weekend and it was amazing. i was lucky enough to get to watch them sound check about five songs with my friends and a few crew members. mindblowing. got to see tons of friends at the show brian, dale, luke, alex, corey, kyle, battiatos and many more and i'm glad about that. i took a few with my phone and a few more with my camera, so check em out.
these are the ones from my phone:  http://gallery.mac.com/sethdanziger#100019


hitting the road

larry arms

big mike

the one and only marc

say hi to philb and jen


michael jackson, vic and philb


ridiculous new lp.  mines 404/525... hand screened GLOW IN THE DARK sleeve!

awesome shirt.  they even put static radio on the back.  serious.

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dennisATTACKS said...

i didnt go to the merch table because i didn't have any money, but now you had to go and put up pictures of everything. great. now i feel like an ass.